Computer Form Printing Singapore

Computer Form Printing is designed to be used with dot matrix printers. The most common
type of computer forms are the blank forms in single ply usually woodfree paper or multi ply
carbonised paper called NCR paper (non carbon copy paper) or CCP (carbonless copy
paper). The common standard size computer form used by most companies is the (9.5 x 11
ins). Standard paper colours available white, blue, green, pink and yellow.

Business Forms / Computer Forms Pre-printed Forms

Commonly used business forms
1. Tax invoice
2. Bill of Lading
3. Delivery order
4. Letterhead
5. Purchase Orders
6. Statement of account

Computer Form Singapore Price List

Computer Form printing 2 ply - 1col/2col
1000 sets - $340/-
2000 sets - $370/
5000 sets - $430/

Computer Form printing 3 ply - 1col/2col
1000 sets - $370/-
2000 sets - $410/-
5000 sets - $480/-

Mailer sets available

1. Payslips
2. Payment Advice
3. Renewals
4. Reminders
5. Notices

Lowest Printing Price Available for Corporates and quantity above 10,000 sets.
For orders above 10,000set we have the lowest price for you. Please send us the price
request. If you have other requirements we will be most happy to give you the
lowest promotion prices possible.
Computer Form


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